10 Hair Myths Unveiled

There are many ideas flying around about hair. So here are ten that we will shed light upon so that you know the truth. For some are true and some are false. Let’s unveil the truth.

1. Washing with cold water makes your hair shiny

A cold rinse after shampooing and conditioning can help improve the appearance of shine as it helps keep the cuticle layer lying flat. When the cuticles sit flat, they reflect more light which makes it look shinier and healthier!

2. Daily brushing increases hair shine

Brushing leads to smoother hair cuticles, and it detangles hair. The smooth evenly layered hair shafts reflect light particularly well. This is the basis for the glow and the attractive play of light in freshly brushed hair. Brushing also distributes the sebum from the scalp over the cuticle surfaces. This protects the hair while increasing its shine.

3. Avoid conditioner for greasy hair

Greasy hair is caused by too much sebum being produced from the tissues of the scalp, not by conditioning. Conditioner is essential for the mid lengths and ends and for maintaining the condition of your hair by locking in moisture. The hair close to your roots is newer and therefore healthy so it doesn’t need conditioning. If you suffer from greasy hair, use a clarifying shampoo or even an oil-based shampoo which works on the basis of ‘oil removes oil’.

4. Blonde hair grows slower than brown hair

In most cases blonde hair is finer and more prone to breakage than brown hair. This may lead to the impression that blonde hair grows slower than dark hair. However, genetic factors other than your hair colour genes determine how fast the hair grows.

5. Plucking grey hairs will encourage more growth

Stop lucking because this is untrue, as plucking your hairs over time makes it weaker and eventually it won’t grow back. Unfortunately, one grey hair means there are most probably other grey hairs around or at least others that will surface whether you pluck them or not.

6. Instead of brushing wet and damp hair, comb it

Wet or damp hair is more fragile and more prone to breakage and other damage than dry hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to style wet or damp hair.

7. Cutting your hair makes your hair grow quicker

Not really. However, if you don’t have regular trims and you have split ends, your hair can break off quicker than the rate it grows which leaves your hair shorter in the weaker areas. This tends to happen around the hairline or in patches where your hair is over processed. Regular trims, every six to eight weeks, will keep the ends of your hair blunt, minimizing the chances of frayed ends which will in turn increase the appearance of thickness and minimize any breakage.

8. Hair falls out due to stress

On average, people lose about fifty to eighty hairs every day and replace them. Stress can influence the balance between hair loss and regrowth in favour of excess hair loss. Nature strives to re-establish the lost balance. You should consult with your physician if the excessive hair loss persists.

9. Oily scalp is caused by frequent use of shampoos

Sebaceous glands in the hair roots regulate how much sebum (fat) is produced. The sebum production depends solely on the skin type and the person’s age. As a general rule, the sebum production decreases with age. Frequent shampoos will remove the sebum from the hair and scalp. However, ‘modern’ shampoos are designed to keep hair supple.

10. Hair is dried out by styling products

This statement is untrue. The alcohols used in styling products are highly volatile. Consequently, the alcohols evaporate the moment the product settles on the hair or even sooner.

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photo source: javanews.al

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