10 Stunning Hair Ideas For The Summer Party Season

PartySo you’ve got a lot of parties coming up this summer season. Pool parties, beach parties, Christmas parties and so much more.

Here are ten great ideas so that you mix it up  and be a standout at every one you attend this summer.

  1. The ballerina bun is fit for a family get-together or the fanciest do.
  2. Dress up any hairstyle by adding a ribbon on top.
  3. Retro coiffed curls look great with lob-length cuts.
  4. For cascading waves run a curling iron through just the lower half of your hair.
  5. Not your average crown braid – a woven undo features three textured twists layered across the side and back.
  6. Pin the top half of a bouncy blowout back for big volume at the crown.
  7. A twisted style is easier than braiding and more inventive than the basic ponytail – just pull your hair back, divide it in half and twist each section in reverse.
  8. Fishtail and mini braided headband are perfect for a bohemian holiday affair.
  9. Shine with sleek stick-straight hair parted directly down the middle.
  10. A slick, low knot is the ideal style for showing off jewels, dresses and all those hours you’ve been putting in the gym.

Looks like it’s time to party.

information source:  harpersbazaar.com/beauty/hair-articles/
photo source:    erepublik.com

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