4 Warm Reasons To Get The Balayage Look This Winter

BalayageHere are four reasons we think the balayage trend is going to be trending for some time yet…and especially this winter.

1. There are so many ways to do it

Balayage isn’t just one-size-fits-all you know! There are many different ways to take part in this trend. You just need to assess which option is the best for your colouring and the health of your hair. Some of the most popular options include: the original two-tone balayage, the less intense subtle balayage and or reverse balayage, if you’re feeling a little crazy.

2. It ‘lifts’ your complexion

No matter what colour skin tone you have, it can experience a beautiful lifting effect. The trick is using a number of different blonde hues to ensure the roots and ends of your hair are tied together in a natural-looking and gradual effect. If you’re not sure which colours to ask for, a chat to your Hair Rocks hairdresser or a quick Google search to find a celebrity with similar colouring to you (and balayage) should help.

3. It can save you time and money

Many ladies simply don’t have the time or the money to hit the hairdresser every four-six weeks. This can be problematic, especially if you’re a natural brunette that has come to love her lightened ends. Balayage is a great solution, as it enables you to get more time between hairdresser visits without rocking terrible regrowth.

4. It’s winter appropriate

If you’re after a way to tap into the joys of winter, balayage is perfect. You can play with different hues to create a warmer result.

photo source: vpfashion.com

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