6 Handy Tips For Winter Hair Care

It’s always a challenge to keep your hair healthy during the winter months.

As the cooler months arrive it’s imperative to look after your hair and scalp to avoid the development of dry, itchy hair.

The dry winter air wreaks havoc up top, for hair is just like skin. Your skin dries out and your scalp gets itchy, so you need the application of a moisturiser on your scalp.

When using a light moisturising product, start applying the product at the bottom of the hair and work your way towards the roots.

For people with dry, itchy scalps, it’s important to frequently use non-drying products.

Wash your hair a little bit more than usual, and use your moisturising shampoo and conditioners.

And don’t forget to only use salon products, as those products that are not from your local salon will really dry out your hair. It’s especially important during the winter months as salon products have a lot more moisturising elements within them. Sure, you may pay a little more, but they are going to last a whole lot longer.

1.Shampoo and condition regularly 

Wash your hair every two to three days if you’re developing a flaky scalp.

2.Use a leave-in moisturiser

Throughout winter, always use a leave-in moisturiser after you’ve conditioned.

3.Use a thermal protector

If you’re going to use any straightening irons or a blow dryer, use a thermal protector.

4.Use a weekly treatment

Once a week, either come into the salon or purchase a weekly treatment from them. Doing that will restore all the moisture that is lost throughout the winter months.

5.Don’t colour your hair at home

Colour your hair in the salon. The box colours you purchase in the shopping centres use a very high level of peroxide. They actually blast your hair, open the cuticle and can damage it.

6.Shampoo twice 

Your first shampoo will get rid of oils, built-up products and dirt in your hair. Your second shampoo is going to cleanse your scalp, which is always good for keeping your hair healthy throughout winter.

Information Source: thechronicle.com.au

Photo Source: Pexels.com

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