Haircare Tips For Warmer Weather

While you should take good care of your hair at any given time, come the warmer months, it becomes more critical. The sunny weather lifts spirits, but now you need to get it ready to brave the humidity and climate changes that are heading your way. The best way to prepare begins with what you […]

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Balayage Hair Explained

The word “balayage” is a French word meaning “to sweep” or “to paint.” It is a technique for dyeing hair in which the dye is hand painted onto the hair to give it a natural, gradual transition with no obvious or harsh lines. Balayage uses various tones of light and dark to create multiple dimensions of […]

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Do You Know Your Hair Type?

When it comes to hair type, the obvious categories of thick, thin, curly, or oily barely scratch the surface of what makes up hair types. Just like you, your hair is unique, and truly understanding the type of hair you have means putting time and money into products and treatments that will actually work for […]

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The Best Way To Brush Curly Hair

The best way to brush curly hair is quite simple. Don’t! For the girls with the curls, it’s actually best to comb your hair wet, perhaps even while you’re still in the shower. The best way to tame the mane is to brush hair when it’s still wet after shampooing, using a moisturising conditioner and […]

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Staying Beautifully Blonde Throughout Winter

Winter is a great time for you to give your blonde hair a seasonal update. But you don’t have to lose the blonde. Here are some tips where you  travel through the cooler months still looking and feeling fabulous. Update Your Hair Without Going Darker To give your blonde hair a seasonal update, the best […]

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7 Essential Wedding Hair Tips

At Hair Rocks, we know that saying yes to the dress is only the first step in bringing your wedding vision to life.   Here are seven hair tips every bride must know to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams. 1. Wedding Hairstyle Do you want to have your hair up in an up-do?  Wear it down […]

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What We Learned In Our Eighth Year At Hair Rocks

Some years are years where many crucial new lessons are learnt. That was the case with the last year at Hair Rocks. One of the first key adjustments occurred when we replaced our Australian business coach with a pair of business coaches(a husband and wife team) located in Wales. Having worked in large salons, franchises, […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Fine Hair

When it comes to taking care of different hair types it requires some specialist attention to ensure that we are actually doing what is best for our hair. In this article we take a closer look at what one does if they have been blessed with fine hair. Washing Because fine hair is small in […]

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How To Stop Ruining Your Hair With Hair Ties

Hair ties would have to be the very best and the very worst to have been created. On one hand, they’re our saving grace, rescuing us from many a bad hair day. On the other hand, they’re a catalyst for bad hair days, because they’re all too easy to lean on and very few of us are using them […]

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Taking Care Of Summer Hair

Chlorine, at least as far as your hair is concerned, is a chemical disinfectant added to the water in many swimming pools. If pool owners didn’t use chlorine, you likely wouldn’t want to swim in the slime-infested water, to begin with. Short, occasional exposure to chlorinated water really won’t damage your hair. It may make it feel dry for […]

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