Bridal Hair Style Examples & Ideas

This year, upstyles are all about a relaxed, casual look. Prim updos have been replaced by long waves pinned back, braids, twists, romantic, soft updos and messy buns. The wedding hairstyle you choose for your wedding day can alter your overall look and the feel of your bridal outfit. Whether you choose a classic up […]

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Are Salon Hair Products Better Than The Supermarket Brands?

When it comes to taking care of our bodies we’ve found a way to combine good nutrition with diet in order to positively and profoundly impact our health. But when it comes to keeping our hair healthy and looking great, many of us are still missing the boat. In order to have the luxurious hair […]

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Winter Hair Trends For 2011

Winter is all about taking the plunge and trying something different with your hair. This season warm chocolate browns with hues of reds or dark browns with highlights is what is trendy for the coming colder months. Warm browns will look perfect with this seasons fashion trends, as neutrals and earthy tones will be making […]

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Hair Rocks Rocks Into The 21st Century

When we purchased our first hairdressing salon here at Miami we knew that we needed to take this already successful business into the 21st century. That meant we were going to have to invest in Salon Software and throw out the dated manual appointment book along with the old cash register. At Hair Rocks Miami […]

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Family Ready To Rock Miami Salon

New Staff, new vision and a happy daughter What do you do when you have just sold a business and had a daughter qualify as a hairdresser? Buy a salon, of course, which is exactly what the owners did after they sold their web-design business in December 2010 and began thinking about how to invest proceeds […]

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The History Of Mother’s Day

The tradition of Mother’s Day reaches back as far as the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The modern Mother’s Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April, or May as a day to honour mothers and motherhood. In Australia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday […]

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Heads Up On The Latest Trends For Men

It’s not just about women when it comes to Hair Rocks Salon at Miami. Here is a heads up for the men. So for all you ladies out there who have men in your world – you might just like to pass this information on to them – so that your man keeps up with […]

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Don’t Let A Neat ‘Do Go To Your Head. Be A Rebel.

I came across this great article about current trends in the industry and showed it to my daughter Chantelle, and she agreed that we needed to share it with our readers – so here it is… Frizz, fuzz and flyaways are just the ticket to look fashionably unkempt this winter. Hair is taking a rebellious […]

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Success Lessons From A Seven Year Old

If there’s one thing I have discovered over the years it is this: A moving object is more likely to pick up more momentum than one that is standing still. This has everything to do with living a successful life. Chantelle,at the age of 7, lassoed me. She had brought home a box of chocolates […]

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Some Entrepreneurial History About Chantelle

It was December in 2010, after selling off clients from one of our other business ventures, that my wife and I were discussing what we were to do with some of the profits generated from the sale. Chantelle (pronounced Shone-tell), a qualified hairdresser and our youngest daughter, was in the room at the time, and it was […]

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