How To Beat The Humidity Hair Blues

Humidity can really mess up your hair if you let it. Fortunately, even a small change in your hair care routine or products can tame hair affected by humidity. If you don’t want to settle with unruly hair on a humid day, you should be able to take care of matters by following the following […]

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6 Tips To Ensure Your Gym Workout Doesn’t Destroy Your Hair

Working out is good for you—in fact it’s very good for you—and a healthy lifestyle is way more important than getting one extra day out of your blow dry. That said, you could be doing serious damage to your hair every time you throw it up to go the gym. Many women severely damage their […]

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10 Hair Myths Unveiled

There are many ideas flying around about hair. So here are ten that we will shed light upon so that you know the truth. For some are true and some are false. Let’s unveil the truth. 1. Washing with cold water makes your hair shiny A cold rinse after shampooing and conditioning can help improve […]

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Why Do We Go Grey?

While there are many women who are proud of their silver threads, many others face the arrival of new grey hairs with dread. The good news: Scientists are hard at work on how to prevent them. So what do researchers know that you don’t? 1. We’re Not Getting Any Younger Understood. Dermatologists call this the […]

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The Amazing Benefits From Brushing Your Hair

Did you know that there are real benefits gained from brushing your hair daily? However, the benefits of hair brushing will only come with the right tools. Most commercial hairbrushes can actually be quite damaging to your hair. Brushing with synthetic bristles causes friction on hair, leading to cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair […]

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The 2017 Men’s Trend: Angular Fringe Haircuts

If you’ve been keeping up with men’s hairstyle trends over the past few years, you’re familiar with styles like the undercut, the pompadour, and the side part. These styles are all throwbacks to the retro era of the fifties, where every man’s head was covered with a generous dosage of pomade. Vintage inspired styles like […]

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What It Means To Go Blonde

Deciding to go blonde after being brunette your whole life? That can be a bumpy process. It’s not just a one-time visit like what everybody thinks. It requires the partnership of a skilled, patient, confident, experienced colourist and a cool, calm and collected client. It requires a lot of commitment, to the process and the […]

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7 Unbelievably Great Yet Simple Hair Styling Tips

One of the major questions about hair that is asked by clients is, ‘can I style hair the same way my hairdresser has styled it during the times I am not in your hair salon?’ Here are seven unbelievably great tips: 1. Move slower A lot of times hair is something that people really care […]

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What We Learned In Our Sixth Year At Hair Rocks

Before I share about what we learned in our sixth year I’d like to retrace our footsteps from the beginning for a moment. The reason my wife (Shelley) and I (Peter) entered the Hair and Beauty industry six years ago was that I had just sold a web design company that I had developed from […]

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Hair Trends For 2017

Here are the trending styles, cuts, and colours that will define 2017. Golden Bronde In some lighting it’s blonde. In others it’s golden brown. This transformative hair colour trend is called golden bronde—and it’s the perfect warm-toned hair colour that can be adjusted to work on all skin tones. So if you’ve never considered going […]

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