How To Compliment Your Hair Colour With The Perfect Makeup

red_hair_colorWhen you decorate your house, you spend a lot of time and money picking the perfect frames for pictures on your walls, trim around the windows and accessories that all go together well. You want colours that complement each other.

The same care should be taken when choosing your hair colour and the makeup that you put on every day and for special occasions. Your hair colour actually provides the frame, which augments the carefully chosen makeup palette that you wear to look your absolute best.

Here are some tips on how to pair makeup shades properly with your hair colour for a picture-perfect result.

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

With these luscious locks, you can choose bold makeup colours more easily than people with more delicate coloured hair. Experiment with pure red, purples and plums, gold shimmer and metallics. Because of your dark hair, broad sweeps of black eyeliner and bright lipstick look great.

Pure Ebony Black Hair

No other hair colour contrasts with the face more than black does, and because of its dramatic look, makeup should be capped to one focal point alone. Choose either smoky eyes or a bright lipstick and not both. If you use dramatic eye makeup, for example, choose a softer pink or neutral tone for your cheeks and lips.

Blonde Hair

The lighter colour of the whole range of blonde hair creates a fresher glow around your face. Depending on the underlying shades, peaches for pinks can look wonderful with blonde hair. Although dark eye makeup or red lips can work for an evening out, those makeup styles are too overpowering for regular use.

Red or Auburn Hair

Because this hair colour is so striking on its own, makeup should be either subtle, to blend in with the overall warmth, or have one obvious contrast, such as bright green eye makeup. Green shadow definitely stands out from the eyeliner you use creating shape and the overall neutral tones of the cheeks and lips.

Medium or Light Brown Hair

Women with mid-toned hair have a lot of options when it comes to makeup pallets. The hair itself is the ultimate neutral and can be accented with neutral tones for the day or bright blue and bold pinks for the evening. Softening a colourful look with blended grey or brown eye shadow and natural looking blush can create a look of true beauty.

Every woman can be beautiful and confident with the right combination of both hair colour and makeup palette to compliment her natural style.

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