What We Learned In Our Seventh Year At Hair Rocks

If I were to sum up this past year I would use the word ‘consolidation’.

In the first six years we opened three salons personally and also had a lawyer put together documentation for future franchising.

And through that process the business had incurred a measure of debt. So the decision was made that in 2018 all debt would be removed, and then from that strong foundation we would begin to consider the next steps that we wish to take as a business.

No further debt will be incurred with any further expansion of the business. If we are to open personal stores we will first raise the money – no matter what great retail sites are presented to us (and may I add that we have had many) before we pursue opportunities. And when it comes to opening franchised stores we will use other people’s money.

It was heartening this year to read the life story of the founder of one of the largest hair salon brands in the world – that after seven years they only had three salons and yet recently did $400,000,000 of business worldwide. Large things can start from small beginnings.

All we know is that we live in a world of great opportunity in the hair and beauty industry – and it is our desire to wisely embrace that opportunity and forge our own Hair Rocks path on and into the future.

In January of this year we were able to purchase our own office space from where all Hair Rocks administration is now conducted. No more landlords. That in itself was a huge win.

So the focus now, following this past year of great learning, is to continue to grow staff in both attitude and skill, foster leaders and managers through our mentoring program, initiate additional systems and payment platforms to enhance our offering, strengthen the financial base of the business, expand the marketing of our services and products, provide exceptional customer service, and increase both personal and individual salon profitability.

This has meant some changes to our advisory input as well as some of our methodology and procedures that have brought us thus far as a successful operation.

Ever wanting to improve we wish to remain fresh, flexible and adaptive – ever asking the question, ‘How can we do and be better?’

photo source: spitzer.caltech.edu

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