What It Means To Go Blonde

Deciding to go blonde after being brunette your whole life?

That can be a bumpy process.

It’s not just a one-time visit like what everybody thinks. It requires the partnership of a skilled, patient, confident, experienced colourist and a cool, calm and collected client. It requires a lot of commitment, to the process and the resources, to remain with it.

Making The Transition

Trust, patience, money, and time are required for the transition to your desired colour. Your hair may experience damage during the transition, as your stylist will use bleach that is the only way to lift another colour. It will require several appointments and you need to spend several hours in the salon every 4-6 weeks. A skilled and experienced stylist knows this, and turning your hair dark to light cannot be done in one go. If you are a first-timer I suggest that you ask for a consultation before starting, and whatever you do – never take the short cut.

It will be costly, but once you see the outcome with your hair looking shiny and radiant with your lighter colour, it will be well worth it.

Now, we do not recommend that you do it on your own. Professional hair stylists have a world of knowledge about your hair and the products that must be used to achieve the best result. If you do it on your own it may result in breakage, and unwanted brassiness. Hiring a professional to then fix your hair colour gone wrong will be definitely more costly.

Using The Services Of A Professional Salon

So, once you’ve decided that you want to go blonde at the salon, you may prepare yourself by using a good protein shampoo and conditioner, so that you arrive at the salon with clean dry hair, share everything related to your hair with your stylist.


  • what colour you have previously applied to your hair.
  • how many times you have put a hair colouring into your hair.
  • how many times have you gone dark and light and visa versa.

These are important to better guide your stylist with the correct process.

So depending on what you have previously done with your hair and how dark it is, the stylist will most likely put highlights all over. If your hair is extremely dark or has years of box colour on it, your stylist could “strip” the colour by doing a colour removing process, and then proceed to do highlights.

Let your stylist know which one you prefer.

On your next visit, your stylist will strategically highlight the darker pieces towards the lighter colour you desire.

Once you’ve attained the colour you desire, your task is to maintain the quality of your hair colour and prevent dryness and brassiness by using good products with no sulphate, and water with less chlorine.

information source: beautyandtheblonde.com

photo source: bsnscb.com

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