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The Hair Extensions we provide here at Hair Rocks are Double Drawn, Quad Wefted, Virgin Remy Hair, 100% Human Hair, 260 Grams, 20 Inches, Clip In 10 Piece Set, AAA Grade, and Tangle Free.

Are they undetectable?

You can get the extensions styled or cut to blend in with your natural hair, so it will be very difficult to notice that you are wearing extensions.

How thick are they really?

The 260 gram set is more than enough for a full head, and it is one of the thickest sets you will find on the market.

Will my hair look thin at the ends?

As this is a double drawn set, the hair is very thick from top to bottom.

Will they fall or slide out?

We use specially designed clips with a silicone strip that give better hold. You can also tease your hair at the base and use a little hairspray before putting them in for extra hold.

How long can they last?

If the proper care is taken which includes regular washing, conditioning, and safe storage, the extensions can last 6-12 months.

Can the extensions be coloured?

Yes they can.

Can you heat style them?

Yes they can, but it is recommended to use heat protect spray on them, as you would your normal hair, which helps them last longer.

Do you have to wear all the pieces?

They come in a 10 piece set and you can wear as many or as few pieces as you like.

Are they easy to put in and remove?

If you’ve put extensions in before they may take a little while at first. However, after a few applications you should be able to put the whole set on in less than 10 minutes.

How do you wash them?

It’s recommended you wash them individually in a washbasin or sink under cold water and let them air dry. You can use your regular shampoo, however mild shampoos work best.
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