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Staying Beautifully Blonde Throughout Winter

Winter is a great time for you to give your blonde hair a seasonal update. But you don’t have to lose the blonde. Here are some tips where you  travel through the cooler months still looking and feeling fabulous. Update Your Hair Without Going Darker To give your blonde hair a seasonal update, the best […]

What It Means To Go Blonde

Deciding to go blonde after being brunette your whole life? That can be a bumpy process. It’s not just a one-time visit like what everybody thinks. It requires the partnership of a skilled, patient, confident, experienced colourist and a cool, calm and collected client. It requires a lot of commitment, to the process and the […]

The Honest Truth About Going From Dark To Blonde

If you’re not a natural blonde white locks aren’t completely impossible to get, and it’s a look that anyone can pull off, no matter what your skin tone. However with great hair comes great responsibility. And if you’re going platinum, it’s going to take a little sacrifice. Here’s what you need to know… It takes […]