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The Best Way To Brush Curly Hair

The best way to brush curly hair is quite simple. Don’t! For the girls with the curls, it’s actually best to comb your hair wet, perhaps even while you’re still in the shower. The best way to tame the mane is to brush hair when it’s still wet after shampooing, using a moisturising conditioner and […]

The Amazing Benefits From Brushing Your Hair

Did you know that there are real benefits gained from brushing your hair daily? However, the benefits of hair brushing will only come with the right tools. Most commercial hairbrushes can actually be quite damaging to your hair. Brushing with synthetic bristles causes friction on hair, leading to cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair […]

Oh Where Is My Hair Brush?

In our family when our children were much younger we would sing this song over and over and over…. It’s main words were – ‘Oh where is my hair brush’ – but we played around with those same words and would sing it as ‘Oh hair is my where-brush.’ Maybe it was a sign that […]