What We Learned In Our Eighth Year At Hair Rocks

Some years are years where many crucial new lessons are learnt. That was the case with the last year at Hair Rocks.

One of the first key adjustments occurred when we replaced our Australian business coach with a pair of business coaches(a husband and wife team) located in Wales. Having worked in large salons, franchises, along with owning their own successful business in the United States, our new coaches have expanded our minds as to the possibilities that lie before us here at Hair Rocks. As a direct result of their input we have changed up a number of things, with improvements in internal staff communication, client retention, retail sales, the systemising of our daily procedures and better equipping and supporting our team members as they grow as professionals.

With the desire of gradually making sure that all our salons are operating on the same page, we made the momentous decision to close our first salon – where it all started – at Miami. Our staff there were invited to join us at Benowa, and along with them many clients followed.

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls at us – and so mid year one of the owners of Hair Rocks was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma. Thankfully, after many hospital visits and procedures, they are on the road to recovery – but with something like that happening in one’s life it causes one to really begin to consider what is of prime importance.

So throughout the latter part of 2018 their daughter Chantelle has stepped up to now manage both Benowa and Pimpama and is now acting as the Director of Operations, fully supported by her parents, while working closely with the business coaches – to move forward with the transitioning of where Hair Rocks currently is and where it will be in the future.

In a recent edition of the Courier Mail it read – ‘Traditional retailers with a well-executed digital strategy to build online sales are in great shape’. … And Gerry Norman of Harvey Norman mentioned that his business is in great shape because they own their properties.

These two prime objectives (digital strategy and property ownership) are very much in the sights of Chantelle and the owners as Hair Rocks moves forward with the ongoing growth of the business, ably supported by their wonderful staff.

photo source: redbubble.com

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